Design Registration

Design is the appearance of various elements or features that can be perceived by human senses such as line, shape, color, shape, texture, flexibility or decoration of the whole or a part of a product.

  • National and International Industrial Design Registration Application
  • Follow-up of Industrial Design Registration Process
  • Industrial Design Innovation Study
  • Tracking of Industrial Design Bulletins and Identifying Similar Applications
  • Notifications on Similar Applications Identified Through Tracking
  • Rival Company Application Tracking
  • Taking Counter-Actions Against Industrial Designs and Similar Designs
  • Post-Registration Licensing and Transfer Transactions, Address, Title and Type Change
  • Industrial Design Renewal Transactions
  • Appeal Procedures against Applications Filed to the TURKISH PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE
  • Appeal and counter-opinion procedures against the TURKISH PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE
  • Follow-up of Appeal Procedures for Domestic and International Clients


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